We are a team of dedicated professionals aimed at bringing the joy of creation to our customers. Since 2017, we have been developing and creating the most intricate and elegant sets of models that our imagination and hard work can bring to life.

We started with the idea of ​​large magnetic gears that could be rotated and made into shapes. Then, after a series of experiments with cloves, we came up with the idea of ​​a smooth ring shape. We made the rings smaller for them to fit in your hands, and also a special sleeve for rotation appeared inside the rings. We tried a number of shapes, sizes and options for ring weights and magnet strengths until we came to the product that we now introduce to you as FinGears. FinGears Director and Co-Founder Denis Okhrimenko is an industry innovator in the field of hobbies, creation of model construction kits and toys.

Tricks and games.

FinGears is a unique solution for both the human hand and the human mind. Now at least 10 tricks with rings and several options for playing games with them are known. But we believe that thanks to you and the FinGears community, there will be many more tricks and games.

FinGears Community:

We are actively developing our community and respect like-minded people. FinGears owners have access to detailed tutorials created by the most experienced users. You can observe and imitate the amazing things that others do with their sets, doing their own experiments alongside! If you came up with a trick that you think is good enough, just contact us and we will consider adding it to the tricks library.

We invite you to join the FinGears community. Record and share videos with tricks and games. We also ask you to observe the precautions indicated in the instructions for the rings.

We believe that FinGears magnetic rings will become a new trend in the field of urban style and fidgets.